Monday 20th/Tuesday 21st

The final day in Kamuzinda was spent teaching in the morning in both primary and secondary classes. Those not teaching were packing their own suitcases and sorting through final donations. After the lessons had finished, a group carried out a dental program, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Truro, to teach the day scholars and the school dependents (the poorest of the children at Molly and Paul’s) how to brush teeth and the importance of teeth and mouth hygiene.


The rest of the group helped prepare the evening meal which we hosted to all the boarders and staff, between 200 and 300 people, payed for through the money raised fundraising. The food was greatly appreciated by all as it was only one eaten at Christmas or very special occasions.


After an evening of performances from the school and us, we danced and socialised with everyone for the last night before an emotional goodbye.

The team left early on Tuesday to ensure enough time to get to the safari lodge before dark and after 9 hours everyone was happy to get off the coach. The group was in awe of the stunning scenery but most importantly the comfort of the beds, the hot water running from the shower and the swimming pool.



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