Fish, Food Drops and Fitness

Saturday 11th

With only one of the groups heading out on a food drop, most of the team rested for the day.

DSC00479 DSC00483

This mainly included multiple card games and the addition of a Scrabble board. After lunch we all took a short trip to the local market for a cultural experience – which seemed to include lots of dried fish.DSC00521

Whilst the boys played another friendly football match against the kids, the girls visited the female dormitories for a successful bra giveaway with the older girls of Hoy’s College.

We finished the day off with a group fitness class of Zumba.



One thought on “Fish, Food Drops and Fitness

  1. We are really enjoying the blog – especially the silly photos of Eloise! Everyone is still asking you to babysit!! And loads of people are asking if you are having a good time. At least you look like you are on all the silly photos!!!
    Devoran school play was hilarious tonight; your cousin David has come to stay; Dad is about to kill the chickens despite being vegetarian; and I think Amelia is missing you (but don’t tell her I said that)! Of course I’m fine without you (ha ha). Loads of love Mummy Sian Jane Claire Ireland!!!!! xxxx


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