Clinic, Classrooms and Cake

July 9th

The 2 groups returned to jobs previously started, the digging crew began protecting the fruit trees with chicken wire whilst the murials continued with the mural in the boys dormitory. The rest of the team started work on redecorating the KidsGear classrooms with murals and posters.

After the bucket of chips was completely emptied more colours arrived and the group was spit again as the diggers join the painters and 6 went to visit the maternity clinic.


It was soon discovered that the shop gave us the wrong paint therefore with a limited pallet of colours, work on paintings soon became difficult and excitable small children became a detraction.


After dinner, the group was randomly assigned a quiz team and told to write one general knowledge question each. With a plate full of cake revealed as the prize, it soon became very competitive. The worthy winners (Olly W, Eloise, Jess and Joel)   remained victorious for both the cake and haribo rounds.



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